What Is The Login Password Of BSNL Wimax Modem ?

Password Of BSNL Wimax Modem

Password Of BSNL Wimax Modem

Lot Of People Asking The Common Question About Login Password Of BSNL Wimax Modem. The Default Password of BSNL Wimax Modem Is ” admin “. You Can Login To The BSNL Wimax Modem By Using this password ” admin “. the url to Login is Remember that this Password is Case sensitive, means Typing ” ADMIN “  or ” Admin ” Never accept. Please Visit this site for more details about BSNL Wimax Service.


  1. I had a connection ofwimax at Chan nap at a in ram an agar dist.Karnataka,and the services provided by the bank is good.nowigotanotoicefrombsnlthattheservicesodwimaxisgoingtoclosureon18/5/14.thereasonforclosureisnotyetknown?plreplayme.

  2. Bsnl zte wimax modem has not open by the admin/admin may be i hc changed the pswd. Please sugest how can i open setings of modem

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